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Sustainability & Environmentalism

Sustainability at Élign 

Here at Élign, we prioritise our environmental responsibility and the ways in which we can limit our impact on our beautiful planet. 

Through this prioritisation, we focus heavily on making timeless pieces that can be loved for decades to come. Through the use of neutral and sustainable stones, this ensures that all of our pieces will be enjoyed for and last for many generations.

We operate on a "made to order" basis so that we minimise the amount of wastage produced. This is why there is a standard 5-day turn around as we either have very limited quantities available or have to make our pieces again from scratch. This allows us to be environmentally conscious about what and how much we are consuming. We sell our off cut pieces to further limit our wastage and are constantly innovating new products that can be made from any larger off cut pieces that are produced. We are proud to say that we do not produce any stone wastage from the collection available on our website. 

Furthermore, we value social responsibility and ensuring that all workers who we collaborate with are treated fairly and are in safe working conditions. All of these factors are extremely important to us as we value the environment and ensuring all staff are paid fairly. We love to educate people on how they can do better, equally, we love to be more informed and educated where possible so we are always learning. 

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